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JEEP WRANGLER JK - REAR - 4000 Series Cross-Drilled & Slotted Brake Disc Rotor Pair - DBA DBA42537XS

JEEP WRANGLER JK - REAR - 4000 Series Cross-Drilled & Slotted Brake Disc Rotor Pair - DBA DBA42537XS - Xtreme 4x4
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With over four decades of innovation under their belt, backed by intensive research and development, DBA has positioned itself as a world leader in the extremely competitive marketplace of OE and aftermarket disc brake rotor solutions. Whether you are after some basic replacement rotors for your standard passenger vehicle, 4x4 offroad or commercial vehicle, weekend toy or a hard-tuned track car, DBA has a set of rotors to enhance your vehicle's braking performance at a price and performance level to meet your unique requirements.
DBA 4000 Series rotors can be improved with the X-Gold XS design, a unique non-directional cross-drilled and slotted pattern that increases passive cooling, allows for gas-escape whilst maintaining excellent rigidity. The performance realised is similar to the T2 slotted range, however the aesthetics are further enhanced with all of the non-friction surfaces being coated in a unique gold paint.

The 4000 Series take the same excellent XG-150 cast iron alloy used in the Street Series, and are further enhanced with TSP - Thermal Stability Profiling. This additional heat treatment process takes detail down to the atomic level, aligning the grain structure the compound to produce a uniform material. The result of this is the 4000 Series HD, a superior quality rotor able to withstand greater levels of heat, for a longer service life considerable resistance to warping from excessive heat events. Standard on every 4000 Series rotor is the inclusion of Thermographic Heat Paint Markings, allowing the user to identify peak braking temperatures in extreme conditions. 4000 Series rotors are recommended for performance street cars, heavily laden ute's or 4WD's, and for towing.

Drive Style Suitability:
-Family Cars.
-4WD and SUV.
-Utes and Vans.
-Commercial vehicles.
-Sports and performance cars.
-Spirited driving.
Diameter [mm]: 316
Height [mm]: 76,7
Thickness [mm]: 12
Minimum Thickness [mm]: 10,4
Centering Diameter [mm]: 72
Pitch Circle Ø [mm]: 127
Number of Holes: 5
Class: xs
Disc Vent: xs
Brake Disc Type: Full
Part Dimension:


(Jeep Wrangler JK) :
- 2007-2012 Petrol Engine 3.8 JK Open Off-Road Vehicle 146KW :
-Positions: Rear Axle
-Quantity Per Vehicle: 2
- 2007 - 2011 Diesel 2.8 CRD JK Open Off-Road Vehicle 130KW :
-Positions: Rear Axle
-Quantity Per Vehicle: 2
- 2010 - 2018 Diesel 2.8 CRD JK Open Off-Road Vehicle 147KW :
-Positions: Rear Axle
-Quantity Per Vehicle: 2
- 2011 - 2018 Petrol Engine 3.6 V6 JK Open Off-Road Vehicle 209KW :
-Positions: Rear Axle
-Quantity Per Vehicle: 2



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