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CODE: 10802446
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
ARB 10802446 - FOR ZERO FRIDGE FREEZER - 44L - Xtreme 4x4
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The new 44L ZERO Fridge Freezer features an LED display on top to make it easy to set and monitor temperature, as well as an internal LED light so you can find cold items at night. It also features front and rear 12-volt power inlets to make it easy to plug in the fridge in different positions, a 240-volt inlet at the front to pre-cool the fridge from mains power, and a handy USB port for charging and powering devices and accessories.
When it comes to putting a new ARB Elements Fridge Freezer in the bed of your truck, it will quite happily sit proud and deal with any harsh inclement weather conditions that are thrown at it (including drool from all your friends wanting one). They also become highly exposed to prying eyes and potential theft – but we’ve got that covered too! With the clever integrated keypad locking system in conjunction with padlock provision, the contents of your Elements Fridge Freezer are well guarded. Thanks to a unique controlled key bolt head that securely fastens the fridge to a tray/floor mounted bracket system, a potential thief will be left both very disappointed and thirsty.

- Fridge Dimension : (80x50x55)

Built-in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC power (Integrated battery protection system)

100% CFC free-low amp draw-ice free operation. Three year warranty. Powder coated zinc steel cabinet shell. Zinc steel provides excellent corrosion resistance. Recessed powdered coated steel fixed carry handles. Two piece injection molded lid, UV stable. Convenient on/off power indicator-integrated battery protection system (12/24v DC) Solar panel and generator compatible. Deep storage capacity for large upright bottles. User friendly, forward facing thermostat control. Built-in 12, 24 and 120 volt facility, making it ideal for use as a second fridge. Rounded corners and edges to protect vehicle upholstery. Fully removable lid and basket for easy access and cleaning. Ventilation grills allow operation even in the most confined cargo areas User friendly, right angled plug-in point from cord to fridge. Operates at extreme angles (up to 30¡) without affecting operation or reliability.

Recessed front mounted digital control panel. Internal led cabinet light. Separate dairy/fruit compartment. Interior drain plug. Unique stainless steel detent hinge with quick release mechanism. Integrated battery protection system (12/24v DC). Integrated power system. No external power transformers required to operate the fridge on 12v DC, 24v DC or 110v AC*. The duty time and amp draw will be determined by the ambient temperature. Where practical and possible, bring the freezer fridge to the required temperature where a limitless power source is available. >*Quoted figures are based on a 12 volt power source.

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